Are you ready to have a more significant impact, with less stress and effort?

Our leadership coaching clients typically come to us for one of three reasons. Let’s see if you can relate to any of these:

  • You’re preparing to take on a new challenge or leadership position and want to set yourself up for success.
  • You need to learn new time management or communication skills to be truly successful.
  • You’ve reached a certain plateau of success and are ready for a new challenge. But you’re not clear about what you want, where to focus your energy, or how to move forward.

Through working with us, our leadership coaching clients learn:

  • A quick and easy practice to get centered fast, even in the face of conflict or uncertainty
  • The myth of work-life balance, and how to find real harmony between work and life
  • Three questions to help you stay connected to your values and lead with authenticity
  • The link between staying organized and getting clear about your long-term goals
  • A proven process for handling difficult conversations with self-confidence and skill
  • The secret to developing confidence, self-trust, and the courage to take smart risks
  • How to improve the leadership skills of your staff, volunteers, or board

Before coming to us, most of our clients seek support from books and training programs. The problem is, even the best two- or three-day leadership trainings usually don’t lead to lasting change.

While they may feed our brains, books and trainings don’t usually offer the support we need to change longstanding habits. Our habits live in our bodies; they are physiological, unconscious responses to the world around us. To change your habits, you need to learn how to be present and embody the habits you want to develop. Although books and trainings can be inspirational, they often don’t offer the necessary support to integrate the theories we learn fully.

Like any new muscle, to build a new habit, you need to practice consistently over time. Likewise, we can’t see our own backs. We’re often blind to the habits that hold us back and the ones we need to develop. The key to habit change is awareness. To bring awareness to our habits, we often need a compassionate witness who will help us shed light on our blind spots.

While books and trainings can be great when we’re just starting out, at a certain point in our careers, we all need someone who can help us see our weaknesses, leverage our strengths, and move past our personal learning edges. Leadership coaching offers the support you need to practice, troubleshoot, and integrate your new learning, in a way that is completely personalized and tailored to your needs.

If this rings true to you, we invite you to apply for a free discovery session and explore the possibility of receiving support:

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While every professional coaching relationship is different, there are several areas in which we support almost all leadership coaching clients:

1. Clear Decision-Making

oak leaf, like a leadership coaching client

You face many big decisions as a leader. Professional coaching offers a sounding board, so you don’t have to face them alone. Through coaching, you will learn to reconnect with your intuition, see the big picture clearly, and make critical decisions that are both aligned with your values and have the biggest positive effect possible.

2. Confidence

Fear can be the biggest obstacle to achieving the change you envision. With leadership coaching, you learn how to overcome fear, insecurity, self-doubt, and perfectionism quickly and develop the courage to take smart risks. These tools help our clients remain confident and centered leaders, long into the future.

3. Communication Skills

To create the change we want to see in the world, we need to learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively. Professional coaching can help you resolve conflict, say no without feeling guilty, ask for help, offer and receive feedback, inspire people to join a coalition for change, turn around difficult relationships, and deepen relationships with the people who matter most.

4. Focus

When you’re inundated with demands and urgent requests, it can be hard to stay on track. Professional coaching helps our clients improve your time management and organization skills, set effective goals, create a plan that works, organize your life, stay focused, and shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to work and life. These skills will help reduce your stress and the amount of effort you exert. This way, you can be more present at work and home and experience the work-life harmony you crave.

And, Sometimes, 5. Leadership Transition

As you may be familiar, many organizations face a leadership crisis in which their current leader is about to retire, but they don’t have the bench strength to fill the outgoing leader’s shoes. Professional coaching is a cost-effective leadership development option for organizations who are undergoing leadership transitions. If you are a board member or organizational leader who worries about the future of your organization, then please feel free to reach out to me for a discovery session.

Our professional coaching clients develop the habits they need to experiencing greater balance, ease, and fulfillment in all areas of life…

Shawn Wrisley - Business Consultant
I’m the father of two kids under six-years-old, and I was one year into my new business when I decided to work with Katherine. I’d put together a solid business plan and had the numbers down cold, but I hadn’t planned for the stress of being a one-person show. I had a lot to learn about time management.

Katherine taught me tools to deal with the stress of being a business owner, such as how to set priorities and set up systems to keep track of all of my tasks. Just as importantly, she helped me learn to accept the fact that I’m not in complete control of everything but to focus on what I can control. After only a few short sessions, I was experiencing less stress and could focus more on finding new clients. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I now have a step-by-step process that feels manageable. Most importantly, I’ve learned that
I can be successful in my business while also being true to myself and my clients.

The tools I learned allow me to manage my time better and focus on what’s most important. As an added benefit, reducing the stress at work has reduced the amount of stress I normally bring home. My family is experiencing the benefits, too.

Manage their time more effectively and organize their lives for success…

Mariah Kurtz
As a recent college graduate, transitioning into the professional world was confusing and overwhelming. Online coaching with Katherine helped me learn how I work best, what questions I should ask my supervisors to get my work done efficiently, and gave me honest feedback about the way I present myself.

Soon after working with Katherine, I got a promotion. I now have much more interesting work, a lot more responsibility, and a supervisor who communicates clearly and thinks through things the same way I do.

I still use a lot of the tools and strategies I learned with Katherine to formulate my schedule and routines, and as a result, working from home has become SO MUCH EASIER. That cannot be emphasized enough. It was a real struggle before I worked with Katherine, but I actually enjoy it now.

One of the reasons I got the promotion was because of how often I ask for clear direction and create efficient systems to do my own tasks. It’s nice to know that my coping mechanisms help other people too!

Build confidence and improve communication skills…

Adrienne Nuñez
With Katherine’s support, I developed more self-confidence, better communication skills, and healthy strategies to manage anxiety.

As a result, my personal and professional relationships have improved, my stress has subsided, and I am happier!


If you’re ready to experience a whole new level of impact and fulfillment, we invite you to apply for a free discovery session and start getting clear on your next steps forward.

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