Radical Self-Care Now

How to Put Yourself First & Create the Life You Want,
While Still Making a Difference in the World


12 week online course for caretakers and changemakers

You’re pretty clear about where you want to be, but you struggle to make your vision for your life reality. Sound familiar?  If so, read on.

You’re a super passionate person with really big dreams and goals. You’re always pushing on to the next project, rarely taking a moment to pause. But no matter how hard you work, you sometimes have a hard time prioritizing and focusing on what’s most important to you.

This is partially because no one ever taught you how to set realistic goals and partially because your sense of self is tied up in what you do (rather than who you are).

You know you need to take care of yourself, but it’s so hard for you to say no, and it’s hard for you to tell how much is too much. As a result, you let your own priorities slide, you’re less effective than you want to be, and your relationships might even suffer.

You want to make an impact in the world, feel fulfilled in your relationships, and take good care of yourself while you’re at it.

I’ve been where you are:  I used to be a self-proclaimed “workaholic do-gooder” who gave, gave, and gave some more.

I suffered from chronic anxiety and constant overwhelm, while still feeling like I was never doing enough.

But, I gathered the courage to change my life and learned how to make radical self-care a lasting habit.  Event in challenging political times, like the ones we face now, radical self-care has become the set point that I return to. I’m passionate about teaching you how to do the same.

There are two problems with most guidance out there about self-care.  

First, it tells you what you should do, instead of how to do get it done.  All those “47 Steps to Self-Care” lists out there just aren’t very helpful.  You’re a smart person.  You know you need to be eating well, exercising regularly, and sleeping more.  The problem is not in creating the vision, it’s that you struggle to honor your own needs as much as everyone else’s

Second, most definitions of self-care are limited.  Radical self-care isn’t only about taking a bubble bath and eating a salad.  Radical self-care is about living the life you most desire, being true to who you are, and doing what I call “dancing in the both-and”.  It’s about caring for yourself while you care for the important people in your life and do your important work. It’s about taking good care of yourself by nourishing your body, making an impact, creating community, and fully living your life’s calling.  Radical self-care is about prioritizing and focusing on what’s most important to you.

balanced lifeWhat if you could learn how to take good care of yourself, without sacrificing your work or relationships?  You can!

More than anything, you want to feel fulfilled both at home and at work.  To have ease and flow between all the parts of your life. To be present with your family and be super effective at work.  To have a meaningful social life and win your next campaign.  To exercise regularly and get that new job.

You can feel present and fulfilled when you’re with your family and when you’re at work. You can feel on top of what’s most important in each realm of your life, while still prioritizing yourself.  This is about learning how to put on your own oxygen mask, so you can enjoy your own life and become more effective, too.

Find out why I’m so passionate about helping you take better care of yourself…

katherine and baby kaiFrom a very young age, I was an over-achiever.  I was a workaholic community organizer, doing solidarity work in Central America, organizing on my college campus during the second Iraq War, and later working in Strategic Affairs for the hotel workers’ union.

Even though I did good and important work, I wasn’t really happy.  My self-worth was tied to my work, and I exhausted myself trying to be everything to everyone.  As a result, I suffered from chronic anxiety, migraines, and other health problems.  For a long time, I felt called to do something different.  But I was terrified to let other people down, so I ignored my heart and continued to work all day, almost every day.  After several years of nonstop work, I burned out.

Several wake-up calls—including having a baby and recognizing that I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be while working sixty hours a week—convinced me to leave my job.  I followed my intuition and embarked on a path toward creating a career aligned with my purpose.  As a self-employed single mom, I now rely on radical self-care to help sustain my energy and make the impact I’m here to make.

I created Radical Self-Care Now to help you finally prioritize yourself, so you can sustain your passion and make an even bigger difference in the world.

Radical Self-Care Now is for you if you:

  • Spend your time caring for other people at home and at work, and often feel exhausted, lonely, or guilty about never giving fully in one place or the other.
  • Have a strong inner People Pleaser, Savior, and Martyr, and a hard time saying no
  • Worry that life is passing you by and want to be able to look back years from now and know you lived life well
  • Are burnt out or worry that you’re on the verge of burn out
  • Want to learn how to better balance the demands of work and life
  • Struggle to delegate effectively or ask for help, and think you should be able to do it all yourself (but you get resentful when others don’t pitch in)

To do find the balance you seek, you need to learn how to prioritize and focus on what’s most important to you.  Our eight-week online course will show you how.

Radical Self-Care Now will help you stay accountable and feel supported through four action-packed modules:

Module 1—The 5 Principles of Prioritization
Set Realistic Goals & Accomplish What’s Most Important Right Now

In this first module, you’ll learn how to set smart priorities and gain time management and decision-making skills you can count on to make your big vision a reality. You’ll learn how to…
• Identify what’s achievable and what is too much, given your own unique needs
• Stay true to your long-term desires, even as you allow your vision to unfold
• Focus on what’s most important in each moment
• Identify what you need to say no to (for now)

Module 2—Embracing Your Enough-Ness
The Hidden Power of Self-Compassion, Even When Loving Yourself Feels Silly or Hard to Do

If you’re like many people, one of your main barriers to radical self-care is feeling like whatever you do, it’s never enough. In this module, you’ll learn how to…
• Quiet the voice of your inner Judge, so that you have the freedom to do what’s best for you
• Trust your inner guidance and the part of you who loves you unconditionally (I promise you, it’s there!)
• Transform challenging triggers into opportunities for growth
• Overcome self-doubt, shame, guilt, inadequacy, and imposter syndrome 

Module 3—The Art of Saying No (Without Feeling Guilty About It)
Put Yourself First, Without Sacrificing Your Work or Relationships

Next, you’ll learn how to take a stand for yourself and your dreams in a way that actually strengthens your relationships. In this module, you’ll cultivate greater confidence, courage, and self-compassion, and learn how to…
• Trust your inner guidance, even if your thoughts always seem to get in your way
• Set clear expectations with colleagues and family
• Recognize the best times and ways to say “no”
• Respond effectively to distractions and interruptions

Module 4—Cultivating Habits that Last
Master the Secret of Long-Term Success

In this final module, you’ll learn the science of habit change and develop a practice to help you stay accountable to yourself long into the future. In our final module, you’ll learn how to…
• Stay just as accountable to yourself as you are to other people
• Develop routines to reconnect with your intention and stay on track toward your goals
• Make happiness and confidence your habitual set-point

Bonus Module—Nourishing Your Body
with audios you can listen to at any time…

This module will give you the tools you need to consistently sustain your energy. We’ll hear from several trusted wellness experts who’ll reveal cutting-edge recommendations for getting more sleep, eating healthier, reducing pain, and integrating exercise into your busy life, including:

  • Dr. Julie Thompson, OBGYN & Founder of NourishHealth
  • Courtney Hill, Acupuncturist & Sleep Specialist
  • Michele Lyman, Director of Serenity Yoga
  • Ginny Hamilton, Pain Specialist

Here’s the course format:

  • Every other week, a new module will be released through an interactive, online platform
  • Each module will include audio recordings, reflective worksheets and experiential exercises
  • Each module will also include a group forum, where you’ll receive personalized support from Katherine and the course community (this is much more than a Facebook group!)
  • Every day, you’ll also receive daily emails to help hold you accountable and strengthen your self-care practice
  • Every other week, we’ll have an hour-long group coaching call with Katherine and the Radical Self-Care Now community so you can ask your burning questions and learn from others’ experiences. These calls will be through video, so you will feel up-close-and-personal, and they are held on the alternate week from when the module is released, for a total of four calls.

The course begins on February 2nd.  You also get lifetime access to the curriculum, so you can refer to the material as you hone your radical self-care habits long into the future.

Are you wondering if you have time to commit to Radical Self-Care Now?

That’s a good question!  Here’s how much time you’ll need to invest in order to get the most out of the course:

  • One to two hours per week to engage with the teachings
  • About fifteen minutes per day, so you can integrate what you’re learning into your life and create new habits that last
  • You may choose to invest more time if it feels right to you, but this is totally not required

I’ll be honest with you.  This course is not for people who don’t have the time to invest right now. But if your inner Judge is saying that taking this time would be selfish, I invite you to consider for a moment why making time for self-care is so important—

You literally cannot give from an empty well.  If you try, you’re bound to feel irritable and depleted.  Effective leaders and happy people have one thing in common.  They both have strong relationships.  In order to be the person you want to be at home and at work, you need to take good care of yourself.  Radical self-care is anything but selfish.  In fact, it’s necessary for creating change that lasts and showing up the way you want to in your relationships.

Trust your gut.  If you can’t take on one more thing right now, don’t.  But if now’s the time for you to invest in yourself, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

You deserve to finally take good care of yourself!

If you’re ready to live your one precious life to its fullest, while still making a difference in the world…

Click the sign up button below, and I’ll see you on the next page.

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We donate $10 from each course to a grassroots organization working for racial equity and social justice.

This time around, your contribution will support Embrace Race, a multiracial community of parents, teachers, experts, and other caring adults who support each other to meet the challenges that race poses to our children, families, and communities.

EmbraceRace identifies, organizes—and, as needed, creates—the tools, resources, discussion spaces, and networks we need to nurture resilient kids of color and racially literate kids of all stripes, and help caring adults become effective racial justice advocates for all children.

To learn more about how you can support EmbraceRace, please visit their website, embracerace.org.

100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

katherine_squareI want you to feel fully supported, so I’m backing Radical Self-Care Now with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you go through the program, do all the exercises, and don’t feel your well-being improve, we’ll refund your investment.  Simply complete all of the exercises in the course and send them to us within 30 days of the last date of the course, and we’ll send you a refund.

But just so we’re clear, there are no refunds for changing your mind.  This program requires you to invest time.  I only want action takers who are ready to change their lives!
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Don’t just take my word for it, listen to what a handful of my clients have to say about our work together…

Linda Sarage — Peer Recovery Specialist

linda-sarageWhen I started working with Katherine, I was an over-extended director of a small nonprofit, and my family responsibilities had become challenging. I knew something needed to change. I thought it might be best to leave my position, but I just couldn’t envision how that could happen.

With Katherine’s support, I was able to trust my inner nudgings and take action to do what I truly wanted and what I knew needed to be done, even without having all the details figured out ahead of time. I now have my own consulting business where I’m able to be more focused and selective with the work that I do. At work, I get to use my skills and talents in a way that’s satisfying to me, and outside of work, I get to spend more time doing what I choose as well.

Katherine supported me through a real spiritual journey. I went from experiencing a crisis of faith to coming home to myself. As a result, I’ve become gentler and kinder with myself, and I am more grounded and more balanced.

Lisa Ashcraft, Reproductive Biologist

lisa-croppedBefore I worked with Katherine, I felt stuck. I felt overwhelmed all the time and had a hard time staying on top of all the things I needed to do. As a result, my physical environment was wreck. Everywhere I looked, there was a reminder of something else that needed to be done. I also struggled with my sense of self, and my relationship with my husband felt empty. Turning toward my relationship to get what I needed wasn’t working, and I know I needed to get out of my own way to feel happier and freer. I reached out to Katherine and Radical Self-Care Now for the guidance and structure I needed to change my life.  

Working with Katherine helped me make the decision to get a divorce—which was the right choice for me and my kids. I’m now much more organized, and my house now truly feels like my home. I am more grounded and calm than ever before, and I trust that everything really will be okay.  A couple of years ago, the concept of radical self-care was foreign to me. Now, I rely on radical self-care to keep me sane as I fill the multiple roles I play. I remember thinking I didn’t even have time for a cup of tea. Now, I make time. If I’m having a bad day, I stop and do a self-care practice, and it helps so much.

The self-reflective questions that Katherine asks and the practices she teaches offer a whole new level of self-compassion and self-understanding, without triggering feelings of shame or victimhood. I am continually reminded of how much radical self-care helps everything flow so much easier, and I am grateful that I can count on what I’ve learned to help my me navigate any challenging situation that arises in the years to come.

Shawn Wrisley, Small Business Services Consultant

shawnI’m a father of two kids under six-years-old, and I was one year into my new business when I decided to work with Katherine. I’d put together a solid business plan and had the numbers down cold, but I hadn’t planned for the stress of being a one-man show. I had a lot to learn about time management.

Katherine taught me tools to deal with the stress of being a business owner, such as how to set priorities and set up systems to keep track of all of my tasks. Just as importantly, she helped me learn to accept the fact that I’m not in complete control of everything, but to focus on what I can control.  After only few short sessions, I was experiencing less stress and could focus more on finding new clients. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I now have a step-by-step process that feels manageable. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I can be successful in my business while also being true to myself and my clients.

The tools I learned allow me to better manage my time and focus on what’s most important. As an added benefit, reducing the stress at work has reduced the amount of stress I normally bring home. My family is experiencing the benefits, too.

Michele Lyman, Yoga Teacher

A good friend recommended that I work with Katherine when I was feeling burnt out. I had been working full-time in a job that was no longer aligned with what I was truly passionate about, while also running a yoga studio for almost four years. As a result, I felt spread thin, overwhelmed and scattered. I was doing too much for too many people and trying to please everyone. I was tired of feeling torn between the safety of a steady job and the passion I had for helping people.

Katherine helped me get clear on what was most important to me and to reconnect with who I am and what I’m meant to do. As a result, when life presented an opportunity for me to pursue my passion, I was confident in my ability to be successful. I’m no longer working at my previous job, and instead, I’m working towards building my full-time practice as a yoga teacher and healer. When I went out on my own, it was hard to get organized around the right priorities, but with Katherine’s guidance, I learned how to recognize what was most important to me and make that happen.

Katherine helped me learn how to put myself first. As a people pleaser, this was pretty scary at first, but now, I’m able to determine what’s best for me in each moment. Because of this, I’m better able to serve others.

Tess, Start-Up VP

tesss-photoI’m the only woman on an all-male executive team at a start-up company, and I’ve had a difficult time feeling like I really have a place on the team. Before I met Katherine, I spent a year being reactive and looking for external validation. I was caught in a cycle of analysis paralysis and nothing was really changing. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s what I was doing before I met Katherine.

As a result of working with Katherine, I have a much better understanding of what I really want, and I’ve been able to actually change my situation, rather than just thinking about fixing it. Katherine helped me realize that for real change, I need to look within. I now listen to myself in a much deeper way and understand what’s really happening on the inside, instead of just hanging out in my head. Rather than looking to other people to feel good about myself, I’m tapping into what I know to be true about who I am and what I’m capable of. Instead of being passive, I now know how to take control and shape how I experience my life (work and otherwise).

I’ve taken so many classes on self-growth, and there are two main things that set Katherine apart. First, she has a style that’s zero judgement. Many people in the “coaching” field have a certain vibe that make it hard for me to feel like I can be my full self. Katherine, on the other hand, is completely accepting and real, and working with her has allowed me to get to a place that is super authentic.

Second, the tools and teachings she offers are much more practical and easy-to-apply than a lot of the other stuff out there. Many classes give you the background and theory, but then you don’t know what to do with it. She explains the research behind the practices she teaches, and then she tells you how to apply it to your own life. Her teachings actually get you results.

Laurie Lentz-Marino, Director of Bio-Chemistry Lab, Mt. Holyoke College

I used to worry much more about what people thought about me. I imagined they thought my ideas were silly or that they wouldn’t take me seriously. Working with Katherine helped me learn to trust my own ideas, desires, and goals.

I’m a scientist, and I like concrete, orderly ways of doing things, but I’ve learned to let go of having to know the “right” way to be. Because of this, I’m now incorporating much more art into my science teaching, and I feel so connected to my passion for using art to create change. I’ve also become a better listener and communicator with my coworkers and my family. Because I now feel free to be fully myself, I believe that I will be able to make a much bigger impact using my voice for change.

Oh! And an added bonus—Katherine also supported me to put my own health first, and I am exercising and meditating almost every day!

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You deserve to put yourself first!

If you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start making your vision for your life a reality…

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If you have any questions about the course that aren’t answered here, feel free to email me at info@corebrillianceacademy.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S.  One last, gentle nudge.  The cart closes on Wednesday, February 1st, and I don’t know when I’ll offer this course again.  This is such an important moment in history, and I don’t want you to burnout like so many people before you.  If your gut says you need this now, please don’t put it off.  You matter.  Your contribution matters. The world needs you now.