Do you long for a clear path to work you love?

You care deeply about the world around you. You want to serve your community, sustain yourself financially, and still have time left over for yourself and the people you love.

But right now, you feel stuck. Uncertainty and overwhelm get in your way. You find it hard to prioritize and stay focused on what’s most important.

Sometimes, you even doubt that you have what it takes.

If you’re ready to design a career or business that is emotionally, spiritually, and financially sustainable and that makes a real difference in the world, you are in the right place.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. —Anais Nin

Hi, I’m Katherine Golub

I’m the founder of the Core Brilliance Academy. Over the past eight years, I’ve helped hundreds of purpose-driven people like you get unstuck and develop the emotional capacity to make their dreams a reality.

I’ve found that you really can have both:

You can make a significant impact out in the world while feeling deeply nourished and satisfied in your life.

Katherine is an honest, committed, and proactive teacher and mentor. Using creative and thought-provoking strategies such as story, art, and meditation, Katherine pushes her clients to listen to their own voice and encounter their deepest self-questions with openness and authenticity. Katherine prompted me to visualize my life as a journey, a labyrinth of tests and… Read more “Empowered not only to face my fear, but to grow from it.”

Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson

In a society that leads women to feel like they are never good enough, Katherine challenged me to take pride and find joy without constantly comparing myself to others. She helped me to discover a greater sense of self-worth and awe for myself, which was a huge shift for me.

Sarah McDowell - Artist
Sarah McDowell - Artist

When I began the six-month program with Katherine, I had no idea of the broad spectrum we would cover. Our work together has touched on every facet imaginable- emotional, professional, nutritional, spiritual. Katherine helped me to connect deeply to myself while in the midst of a major life transition. I have gone from feeling anxious… Read more “Our work together has touched on every facet imaginable”


My work with Katherine began with a desire to further myself professionally, and yet over time, we touched on many aspects of life.   I feel clear and grounded about my next steps forward.  Katherine helped me learn to enjoy being in the driver’s seat while at the same allowing life to show me the way. … Read more “Organize, communicate, set goals, and develop authentic confidence”

Robin McKeon - Physical Therapist
Robin McKeon - Physical Therapist

As I work with Katherine, I feel more and more comfortable and accepting of myself. I have gotten so much better at taking care of myself, accepting my needs, limits, and boundaries, and taking the steps towards what is right for me in any moment. I judge myself less, and I worry less about what… Read more “Intuitive, insightful, and a gifted guide”

Lena Morimoto – Labor & Delivery Nurse
Lena Morimoto – Labor & Delivery Nurse

Katherine helped open up a new world to me. She immediately recognized how I could leverage my offerings. With her heart-centered questions and business expertise, she helped me become clear about how to talk about the work that I do. Katherine offers her clients keys to unlock so many doors, loving guidance, and tons of information and resources.… Read more “Heart-centered questions and business expertise”

Saralee Hofrichter - Esthetician
Saralee Hofrichter - Esthetician

Katherine helped me to discover what I really want for my life. There have been many positive changes along my journey, the most significant being in my diet and confidence. I have learned to use my voice, and other people’s criticism doesn’t bother me like it used to. My stress has almost been eliminated, and… Read more “Tremendous support in helping me to simplify my life”

Heather Loomis - Public Health Nurse
Heather Loomis - Public Health Nurse

You care deeply about making the world a better place.

I want to honor that.

That's why I invite you to start with my free stuff. Get a taste of how the Core Brilliance Academy works, for free, before making a commitment.

My Gift to You!

Or, maybe you’re wondering if I can really help you. Click here to find out who benefits most from working with me.

Discover the Path Towards a Life You Love

Career Coaching
Career Coaching


Leadership coaching supports hands working together in a circle
Leadership Coaching


Business Coaching

Business Coaching


Life Coaching

Life Coaching


In no great story does the hero ever go it alone.

You’re called to do big things in this world. To honor that, I invite you to get a taste
for my work with my free workbook, or audio. You deserve support.

My Gift to You!

Professional Coaching Can Help You:

- Get Clear About Next Steps Forward
- Discover Work-Life Balance
- Learn Time Management Skills
- Improve Organization
- Build Your Confidence
- Improve Communication Skills
- Manage Career Transitions

Types of Professional Coaching We Offer

The Types of Coaching We Offer:

- Leadership & Executive Coaching Services
- Career Coaching Services
- Personal Life Coaching Services
- Work-Life Balance Coaching
- Time Management Coaching
- Confidence Coaching
- Goal Coaching & Vision Coaching
- Organization Coaching
- Employee Coaching & Management Coaching
- Transition Coaching
- Communications Coaching
- Success Coaching
- In-Person & Online Coaching

professional coaching can help you transform you life, symbolized by ocean pier

Why Nonprofits Need Leadership Development Programs

From the blog …

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, life can be hard, and you’re probably not getting all the support you need. In June 2015, Third Sector New England published a report called Leadership New England, which surveyed New England-based executive directors and board members. The report demonstrated what a lot of us already know: The nonprofit sector has reached a pivotal moment. If nonprofits are to succeed into the long-term, we must invest in leader development.

Lots of research demonstrates the effectiveness of executive coaching and leadership coaching as leadership training methodologies, and the business world relies on professional coaching as one of the key methods of executive development.

Luckily, many nonprofits are finally catching on to the benefits of executive coaching. By coaching leadership, nonprofits are able to reduce burnout, improve staff morale, and successfully overcome conflict.

To learn more about the benefits of professional coaching for nonprofit leaders, click here.

How to Get Unstuck: Five Life Coaching Questions to Ask Right Now

From the blog …

No matter how successful, creative, or hard-working you are, at some point, you’ll get stuck. You may be going back and forth about whether to stay in your current job, what to do about a conflict at work, or how to get rid of anxiety about work. No matter your struggle, feeling confused is not fun. This is where “Five Powerful Life Coach Questions to Ask Yourself” comes in.

Life coaches (like me) are professionals who help their clients discover solutions and develop new skills so they can reach their goals. Before trying to find a coach online, you might wonder, “How about life coaching questions I can ask myself?”

If you want to get unstuck and finally feel clear on your path ahead, click here to learn five life coaching questions to ask yourself right now.

life coach questions to ask yourself

Why Every Great Manager Deserves Personal Coaching

From the blog …

The political climate can feel scary, and the economy is a big unknown. No matter if you work in business, government, or the nonprofit sector, it’s impossible to predict the future. In order to succeed long into the future, managers need support learning how to lead in the face of complexity.

This is where management coaching comes in. Whether you call it a work coach, success coach, employee coach, professional development coach, professional life coach, or management coach, a professional coach works one-on-one with a manager to help them develop the habits, skills, and emotional capacity to be successful. The leadership training that a coach offers not only helps a manager develop new time management, organization, and communication skills, but also the emotional capacity to lead.

Now, you might ask, why exactly is management coaching the solution to the uncertainty we face? Click here to find out.

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ― Mary Oliver

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