Career Coaching for People Who Want to
Make a Difference (While Still Having Balance in Life)

Do you feel unsatisfied in your current career, but uncertain about your next steps?

boat stuck in sand, needing career coachingYou’re someone who wants to make an impact in the world, to help change people’s lives. But you also want to experience flow between all of the different roles you play. You want time for family, community, and yourself. And you want financial security, too.

You want a career and a life in which you feel deeply fulfilled.

Right now, though, you’re stuck.

You may be completely done with your current job and facing a major career transition. Or maybe you’re not sure if it’s time to leave your job yet. Whatever the case may be, you’re tired of going back and forth replaying the options.

You’re ready for a career with more meaning, balance, and true satisfaction.

Our career coaching services are for progressive high-achievers just like you.

Our environment is in peril, and our world is at a turning point. Meanwhile, too many smart people are in jobs where they’re not able to fully use their talents. Too many people who are passionate about social change aren’t able to make a big impact at work. And far too many purpose-driven people are burning out from high stress and hard work.

For the next generations to flourish, things need to change. We each need to be doing work in which we can live our callings fully and enact the change we envision.

If you want work with greater impact and meaning, now is the time for you to make a change.

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We help our career coaching clients navigate through career transitions and create careers they love.

While every career coaching relationship is different, there are several areas in which we support almost all career coaching clients:

career coaching: hot air balloons floating into sunset1. Clarity

Many of our clients come to us without a clear understanding of what they want in their lives. By helping them reconnect with their inner guidance, pay attention to what they want, and understand how they might fit into the current job market, our clients get clear on what they truly want in life and work.

2. Courage & Confidence

Fear can be the biggest obstacle to creating a life you love. We help our clients let go of self-doubt and develop the courage they need to make smart risks. What’s more, in career coaching, you learn practices to quickly move through your fears and insecurities whenever a limiting belief or anxiety arises. These tools will help you keep moving forward towards the life you want, long into the future.

3. Communication

Often, a difficult conversation stands in our way of taking our next step forward. If someone you care about is telling you not to pursue the path you want, you can learn how to handle this conversation in a constructive way. What’s more, your naysayer can even become a supporter, and you can learn to communicate your vision for the life you want in a way that inspires allies to support you.

4. Priorities & Focus

When you’re busy and life is full, it can be hard to stay focused on a big dream. Career coaching can help you create a plan that works for your life, organize your life to stay focused, and follow through on your goals. This way, you can keep moving forward towards the life you want.

5. Decision-Making

During a major career transition, you’re likely to encounter many anxiety-producing decisions. A career coach can serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of so that you’re not facing these decisions alone. And, career coaching can teach you the skills you need to continue making important decisions with confidence and ease.

If you’re ready to get clear about your next steps forward, we invite you to apply for a free discovery session and see if you’re a good match for our career coaching services.

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Sometimes, our career coaching clients rediscover their passion and stay in their current career…

Kursten Holabird - Union Campaign Coordinator
I first came to Katherine for transition coaching in the midst of a huge life change. I’d moved across the country with my husband and children, and although I was able to keep working with the same national organization after the move, my job changed substantially. Previously, I’d worked in an exciting, high-paced environment with lots of connections to colleagues and the people we served. In my new location, I was at home, alone, and felt disconnected from my passion.

Katherine helped me decide whether to change career paths or stay at the same organization. I reconnected with my passion, navigated several difficult conversations, and got clear what I truly needed from a job. As a result, I decided to stay at the same organization but to redefine my position.

Online career coaching with Katherine taught me how to focus on (and experience!) what is good in my life. Rather than letting my challenges suck up my energy and make me feel stuck, I now know how to slow down, connect with myself, and create an action plan that feels good. And I now get to experience all of the deliciousness in the moments when I’m present!

Other times, our career coaching clients take the leap onto a new path forward…

Pam Kinsmith, Communications Director
I wasn’t happy in my job for a long time and wasn’t sure how or what I should do to move on from it in a productive way. It felt unfulfilling, lacked meaning and the collaborative environment that I really missed.

With Katherine’s personal career coaching support, I got clear on what I wanted in a new career. Through our time together, I gained greater confidence, received the feedback I needed to weigh the pros and cons of potential jobs, and left my old position with grace. I was able to review opportunities without rushing into them as I might have done in the past. As a result, I found a new career that feeds my desires for meaningful work, a creative environment, and a collaborative team. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Katherine as my transition coach.

Whatever is holding you back right now, our professional and personal career coaching services will give you the support you need to either fall in love with your job again or find a new path that you love.

We primarily work with clients through online career coaching and have served clients from China to Wales to Canada. No matter where you are, we’re ready to help you reach your goals.

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