Our approach to professional coaching works best for particular kinds of people.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?


Is This You

❤  You want to get more clients while enjoying your own life too. You’re passionate about what you do, but you’re struggling to grow your business. You want to enroll new clients with ease, create a message that resonates deeply, and set referral systems that work.

❤  You feel drained and overwhelmed by all the work it takes to run your business or organization. You’re struggling to keep up with the demands, constantly feel stressed, and worry what’s going to happen if things keep going this way.

❤  You’ve burned out. You’ve gotten to a point in your career where you just… feel… done. It’s time for you to stop feeling tired of constantly being tired. You want to start thinking about a new career, but you’re having a hard time even feeling passionate about anything right now.

❤  You love parts of your job, but you can’t stand others. You keep thinking about leaving, but then you start hoping you can make it better. You’re tired of going back and forth about whether to stay or to leave.

❤  You like your work, but you need to learn new skills to be really successful. Whether it’s time management or organization or communication skills, you have habits that hold you back from being as efficient or effective as you want to be.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with people in all of the following professions:

Educators (school teachers, professors, grad students, student affairs folks)

Healers (acupuncturists, doctors, doulas, herbalists, massage therapists, midwives, movement therapists, nurses, physical therapists, psychotherapists, shiatsu practitioners, yoga teachers)

Non-profit program directors and executive directors (college access, domestic violence, fundraising, immigration, prison abolition, recovery, United Way, workers’ rights)

Small business owners (architects, bookkeepers, carpenters, caterers, coaches, comedians, consultants, DJs, dog walkers, graphic designers, musicians, professional organizers, publicists)

And, of course, folks who don’t identify with their current job and want a totally new one.

Plus, our most successful professional coaching clients share these values:

🧡 External change requires inner transformation. While having a smart strategy is necessary for reaching our goals, we must also develop the inner capacity—the clarity, focus, confidence, etc.—to create the careers, businesses, and communities we dream about.

🧡 Courage is key. On every hero’s journey, the hero must first go through the “Refusal of the Call,” in which they postpone their journey out of fear. You’re ready to move beyond doubt and finally say “yes” to the calling that’s bubbling within you.

🧡 Radical self-care is about living in the both-and. On the one hand, to feel fully alive and whole, you need to take good care of yourself. On the other hand, part of taking care of yourself is contributing to your community. You want to learn how to do both while feeling deeply nourished and sustained.

🧡 The world needs us, now. We are at a turning point as a society and a planet. The time has come for each of us to take a stand for ourselves and for the people we care about. It’s time to offer your gifts to the world.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then I feel confident that I can really help you step fully into your next level calling and create a career or business that you love.

Let’s start having fun!

While also getting clear about where you’re headed, focusing on making your dream a reality, and developing the confidence you need to get there.

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Or maybe you’re wondering about my approach. Do I just wave a wand and say some magic words and magically transform your life? Or is it a different kind of magic?