Are you tired of trying to be everything to everyone?

Let’s see if this sounds familiar…

You work hard to make a difference in your community. You care about the people you serve, and you feel privileged to have a pretty good life. The problem is, you work so hard to be there for everyone else that you don’t take good care of yourself.

As a result, you’re stressed out, exhausted and irritable. Sometimes, you feel lonely. This may have started taking its toll on your quality of work, or you may be burning out. And, you worry about having regrets when you get to the end of your life. You want to be more present with friends and family, take better care of yourself, and just enjoy your life.

Hoping that things will change if only you work harder or ignore your problems won’t work.

From a young age, you were taught to connect your self-worth to what you do. Your inner judge tells you you’re selfish if you say no to something you don’t have the energy for or don’t want to do. Your habits of over-giving, overworking, and overdoing keep you from enjoying your life. And, in what seems like an ironic twist of fate, you end of not living up to your full potential in just about any area.

To change this painful situation, you need to change the stories that you tell yourself about yourself. You need to learn how to love yourself unconditionally and know that you are good enough, exactly as you are. You need to learn how to say no, without feeling a shred of guilt, and reconnect with your passion for being alive (instead of needing to be constantly thinking or doing something).

Before you dismiss this as some new age mumbo jumbo (though I’ll forgive you if you do!), please know that I’ve been in your shoes.

I know how it is to feel like you’re drowning in the weight of responsibility. I also know how amazing life can become when you learn a new way of living. How joyful life can be when you have time for yourself, for loved ones, and for living your purpose.

The crazy thing is, once you learn how to treat yourself well, you become much more capable of treating others well and making the contribution you want to make. It is possible to experience real joy and ease, while still making a difference in the world.

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If you want to finally learn how to finally let go of the stress and live the life you want, I invite you to consider our life coaching services.

With the support of personal coaching, our clients learn:

  • Why reclaiming your own desire is the key to leaving a legacy in the world
  • The link between being fully present at home and reaching your goals at work
  • Three simple steps to developing self-confidence, courage, and self-compassion
  • Five elements to help you improve your time management and organizational skills
  • How to finally get clear on your priorities and focus on what’s most important
  • A proven process to easefully resolve conflicts at home or work
  • The secret to creating healthy boundaries and learning to say no, without feeling guilty

If you want to receive support and change your life, I invite you to apply for a free discovery session today. This call will help you get clear on your next steps forward and learn how life coaching can help you change your life.

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I’ve helped hundreds of coaching clients learn how to balance their commitments to work, their loved ones, and themselves.

I initially reached out to Katherine for online life coaching because I was a high-achieving workaholic with a very successful career and a young son and needed to figure out how to find some balance in my life. However, as I worked with Katherine as my life coach, I gained so much more. Not only have I achieved more work-life balance than ever, but I also gained the courage and self-confidence to let go of things that held me back from being my full self. I learned to listen to my intuition, quiet the inner critic, set healthy boundaries and am creating space for what I’m most excited about – a budding new entrepreneurial career and a life aligned with my truest self.

Life coaching can help you rediscover your passion and simplify your life so that you have space for what’s most important…

Heather Loomis - Public Health Nurse
Katherine helped me to discover what I really want for my life. I have learned to use my voice, and other people’s criticism doesn’t bother me like it used to. My stress is almost gone, and as a result, I no longer eat because I’m stressed.I joke that meeting with Katherine has become “my chocolate,” as my cravings for chocolate and other sweet foods have gone down drastically since I began my work with her.

Katherine also helped me to simplify my life, which helped me to reconnect with my eight-year-old daughter. I am having so much more fun in my life, I spend more time with friends, and I have grown to love where I live.And now, there are even times when I allow myself not to do anything at all!

Experience work-life balance, develop self-confidence, and be your truest self…

Lena Morimoto – Labor & Delivery Nurse
As I work with Katherine, I feel more and more comfortable and accepting of myself. I have gotten so much better at taking care of myself, accepting my needs, limits, and boundaries, and taking the steps towards what is right for me at any moment. I judge myself less, and I worry less about what others think about me. And because I am clearer with myself, I am clearer with others.

Working with Katherine, I have lost weight, increased my energy, and made important improvements in my home environment. My time management has improved, and I have a better understanding of how to balance my time at work, with other people and alone in nature. I am now more adept at structuring the rhythm of my life in a balanced way that gives me energy and enthusiasm.

Katherine is intuitive, insightful, and a gifted guide. She provides a safe space to gently develop self-trust, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. She is always so open and present with whatever I may bring in that day, and I always feel better about myself and my life when I walk out of a session.

Trust yourself more, improve your communication skills, and set healthy boundaries…

Annique Sampson - Midwife
When I came to Katherine, I felt like I was carrying so much for so many people that I was about to crumble under the weight of the overwhelm. Deep down, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I felt guilty about letting people down. As a result, I experienced mood swings, and I never had time for much of anything that brought me joy.

It was a leap of faith to invest in working with Katherine, as I’d experiencing unfulfilling relationships with therapists before. I wasn’t sure if this would be different. But I knew that I needed to simplify and create the structure so that my work could feel sustainable and nourishing again, so I took the leap of faith. And, I’m so happy that I did.

Working with Katherine helped me learn to trust in myself, honor my needs, find my voice, and know that it’s okay to speak my truth. Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to let go of a significant piece of my work, which was the right step at the right time. It is amazing how different I feel now. I’ve sighed a huge breath of relief. I’ve lifted a weight from my body, and I have a physical sense of freedom and openness in my being.

I now have space in my life to do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know it sounds cliché, but six months after working with Katherine as my online coach, I feel like the world is my oyster, and I’m on the right path.

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Could one conversation change your life?

When you enroll in our life coaching program, you receive:

  • One-on-one private coaching to help you create space for yourself, reconnect with what you really want, and create a life you love.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions, so you receive guidance and support when you need it most.
  • Proven curriculum for with tools and practices to help you create a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.

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We are at a turning point.

If we are to nurture our planet and our communities back to health, we must learn a new way of living. If we are to sustain our energy and passion for the long journey ahead, we must learn to care for ourselves. Now is the time to be the change we want to see in the world. You deserve it. And so do the people you love.

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