Radical Self-Care: The Antidote to Nonprofit Burnout

A self-care workshop for mission-driven groups and organizations


Most of us know we “should” be practicing better self-care. The problem is—we’re often just not doing it.

In this self-care workshop for helping professionals and purpose-driven leaders, participants will get a glimpse into the psychology of self-care. By understanding better what goes on behind-the-scenes, participants will be better equipped to shift their mindset so that self-care practices become easier and longer-lasting.

Participants will walk away with practical tools to help them sustain their passion for the long haul while becoming more effective at work and enjoying their own lives, too.

This self-care workshop will introduce evidence-based practices such as how to:

• Get centered and grounded, even in the midst of a crisis or uncertainty
• Make space for what you most want in your life and get clear about what that is (and the professional and personal case for doing so)
• Shift your mindset to enjoy your life more, even while you’re still working hard
• Overcome feelings of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and guilt
• Transform old habits and create new habits that make self-care easy
• Set healthy boundaries and overcome resentment
• Ask for help in a way that garners more support and builds healthy relationships

We are happy to collaborate with you to create a self-care workshop that meets your specific needs. To discuss the possibility of crafting a self-care workshop that best serves your staff and organization, please email Katherine directly at